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A Message regarding our Fundraising Effort

The Bridgewater Stomp is a Fastpitch softball tournament held annually since in 2014, in response to one of our player's having been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. 

Over the past three years, The Bridgewater Stomp tournament has raised over $15,000 with the mission of helping to raise awareness of type 1 diabetes and to assist JDRF's vision of creating a world without type 1 diabetes (T1D). 

Please, help support our mission by forwarding our JDRF donation page to your team:


Thank you!


Directions to fields:

NB 1-3 and PR 4 map of fields and directions, go to:


North Bridge

GPS Addresses


NB1 and NB2

1357 Prince Rodgers Ave, Bridgewater NJ 08807




962 Sussex Ave., Bridgewater, NJ 08807



Chimney Rock


CR 1-4


748 Chimney Rock Rd, Martinsville, NJ 08836



If you are parking at Chimney Rock:

Please consider car-pooling

Observe the no parking signs

Follow instructions from parking attendants

Tournament Rules

Please check in 30 minutes prior to your first game. Teams will need to be able to show their roster, proof of insurance and have on hand copies of birth certificates for any challenges.

There will be no pre-game warm-up allowed on infields inside of the baselines.  Pitchers may use the foul line between first and third.

Please arrive to all games 15 minutes prior to game time and be prepared to start play.

We are using ASA rules for this tournament with the following modifications and clarifications:

Tournament Format

3 game pool play to determine seeding for single elimination

Time Limit & International Tiebreaker (ITB)

The game clock begins after the pre-game conference. It is the home plate umpire’s responsibility to record the start time and to announce it to both teams.  Failure of the umpire to make such announcement, however, does not change the games official start time.


Home Team will be decided by coin toss.  Team traveling the farthest will call the toss.


A) NO NEW INNINGS PAST 80 minutes.  Finish the inning unless (B)

B) Home team does not bat if ahead and time has expired during the top half of an inning

C) ITB can be played at the end of seven innings and time remains - Whether it’s one (1) new inning, no new inning, or a tie-breaker inning, it is all at the discretion of the umpires, and their decision is final.

(D) Clock stops for injuries only.


RUN AHEAD RULE: Home team always bats last if behind:

                                                12 Runs after three (3) Innings.

                                                10 Runs after four (4) Innings.

                                                 8 Runs after five (5) Innings.

SUNDAY SINGLE ELIMINATION: Sunday seedings will be posted on our website (ASAP):


(A) Higher seed will have choice for home or away in all games.

(B) Run Ahead Rule Applies.

(C) For the Semi-Finals and Finals, the Run Ahead Rule, and International Tie-Breaker Rule apply. (ITB begins in the top of the 8th Inning). No time limit.

            Seeding for Sunday:   1. Won-Loss-Tie Record;

                                                2. Head to Head; (Only if there is a two way tie and teams played each other)

                                                3. Fewest Runs Allowed

                                                4. Run differential

                                                5. Coin Flip.

Pitching Distances                                                              

14U/16U/18U – 43 feet

12U – 40 feet



Following options are all acceptable:

1) Teams can choose to bat their entire line-up, or any amount over nine.  Any late arriving players will be inserted at the end of the batting order.   If a player leaves the game early or is injured and can’t continue, then her spot in the batting order is an out (unless a sub is available).

2) 9 girls bat (with option of using DP/Flex) 

Before the game starts Coaches tell the umpire on the field which batting option they will be using.

Courtesy Runners

  • Courtesy runners are allowed for pitchers and catchers at any time.
  • The courtesy runner is a substitute not in the game (if not batting entire line-up), or the last batted out (if batting entire line-up). Or an injured player that has been identified and agreed to by both coaches and umpires
  • The pitcher and catcher are identified as the last players who physically played that position.



Inclement Weather – in the event of inclement weather it may be necessary to play shortened games or to adopt an alternate format for the tournament.  Information will be provided via website.  We reserve the right to change the tournament format as needed. In the event of a total rainout, registration fees will be refunded less a $100 admin fee per team to cover fixed costs.  Less than 3 games played (other than by forfeit) will result in partial refund.

            We respectfully reserve the right to adjust the rules, schedules, brackets, and field locations

as necessary to complete the tournament.  Every attempt will be made to honor the game

            minimum – however, if a situation develops where a team forfeits or the weather does not

            cooperate the Tournament Director will make an attempt to reschedule games, shorten

            games, or cancel games in order to complete the tournament in a timely fashion.




Speed up Rules and Rules encouraging fair play WILL APPLY

  • In an attempt to get in a full 6 or 7 innings of play, a pitcher will receive 5 warm ups the first inning, 3 every inning or 1-minute thereafter.  A new pitcher will receive 5 warm ups.
  • Infield/Outfield balls will be permitted the 1st inning only.  One minute between innings or 3 warm up pitches. 

Score Reporting

UMPIRES will report the scores to the registration table attendant, who will then record the games results. 

The Home team will keep the official scorebook.  The Umpire/UIC has the final say on all disputes. 

Sunday seedings and pairings will be made available as soon as humanly possible… please be patient.  Teams will be notified by the e-mail address they provided when registering for tournament - if you received this e-mail, then we have your e-mail correct.  YOU are responsible for knowing your assignment.


Game time is forfeit time – to be enforced by the game official (umpire) and/or at the tournament director’s discretion.  In rain situation’s, please do not leave the fields as the schedule may be adjusted without prior notice. 

Umpires decisions are final.  There are no protests allowed.

Please do not impede the progress of the game – any signs of poor sportsmanship, actions that demean opposing players, fans, or the umpire may be grounds for the offender(s) to be removed permanently from the game and premises . . . and, if serious, the possibility of their team even forfeiting the game.  Any coach/player ejected from a ball game by an official, will also be suspended from the team’s next game (at the least) – with further penalty if warranted.

            Alcohol is forbidden for ALL complexes. 

There is no smoking allowed at any park.

Teams are responsible for CLEANING out their dugout!  PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING BEHIND and put all trash in the proper containers or bag.  WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN PROPERTY!  Please have the girls, coaches and parents clean up after themselves.

All teams are to have ready a copy of their lineup to the umpire and opposing coach at least 5-minutes prior to their scheduled start time.

Field Site Director:


Rob Morrison              908-377-3105