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Our Mission and Commitment is to provide our young athletes with an experience that will give them the skill set necessary to excel in the sport of Softball and beyond. This will be accomplished through the development of team spirit, sportsmanship, positive self-esteem and fundamentals as well as by providing opportunities for personal and team growth and achievement. 



The softball leagues are divided strictly on the basis of school grade.  All leagues play 2 days per week, usually with start times at 6:15pm or 8:00pm.  While our preference is always to play games at 6:15pm, field availability requires that we rotate the 8:00pm game times through the teams in Minors and above.  In Pee Wee, Minors and Majors there are no scheduled Monday games, but the Softball teams have Mondays if they wish to schedule an extra practice, or make-up a rained-out game. 




Game Days (2 games/week) & Times

Extra Practice
or Make-up Day

Pee Wee


Tuesday & Thursday - 6:15pm


Minors Softball   


Wednesday & Fridays - 6:15pm & 8:00pm 


Majors Softball


Weeknights - 6:15pm & 8:00pm




PEE WEE - Grades 1/2:  This instructional league takes over where Tee Ball left off. Players receive on-field instruction in batting, fielding, sliding, game rules, safety, and good sportsmanship.  All players are placed on teams geographically.  A soft core softball is used, free substitution and full roster batting are used, and players are able to try many field positions.  Most games are played at North Bridge Park. Games are played on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6:15pm. 


MINOR LEAGUE - Grades 3/4/5:  This is a more competitive league with an exciting end-of-season playoff in which all teams participate. Teams are selected via a draft process.  There are no cuts and all players registered get assigned to teams. Players may expect to focus on specific playing positions and to learn more advanced skills. Most games are played at North Bridge Park on Wednesday and Friday nights at 6:15pm and an occasionally game Friday at 8:00pm. Fees include umpire cost.


MAJOR LEAGUE - Grades 6/7/8:  This is a more competitive multi-town league with an exciting end-of-season playoff in which all teams participate.  Teams are selected via a draft process. There are no cuts and all players registered get assigned to teams. Players will be expected to focus on specific playing positions and to learn more advanced skills. Games are played at North Bridge. Games are played on Weeknights at 6:15pm and 8:00pm. Fees include carded umpire cost.




  • Treat teammates, parents, coaches, and umpires with the utmost respect at all times.

  • Treat opposing players, coaches, umpires, and spectators with the utmost respect at all times.

  • Exhibit the qualities of good sportsmanship and proper behavior at all times.  Be gracious in victory and dignified in defeat.  Respect the sport that you are playing.

  • Develop good practice and game habits in an effort to enhance your skills and maximize your abilities. Be on time and prepared for all practices and games.

  • Think and play as a member of a team and encourage other players to put team success above personal statistics and recognition.

  • Accept coaching instruction and constructive criticism.

  • Be attentive, disciplined, and work hard in practice and games. Make your best effort to perform the tasks as directed by the coaches.

  • Be a competitor, perform up to your full ability, and contribute to team unity.

  • The actions and behavior of individuals participating in BBSI activities, or in events sponsored by or sanctioned by BBSI, shall be lawful and in accordance with all BBSI rules and regulations, and consistent with the principles of fair play, good sportsmanship, honesty, and respect for the rights of others.

  • Keep your equipment clean and in good repair.

  • Maintain a responsible attitude toward your health. Be aware of, and adhere to, BBSI policies on drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

  • Remind your parents that you need to be at practices and games on time.

  • Inform the coach whenever you will miss or be late for a practice or a game.

  • Demonstrate a concern for others.  Promote a positive team environment through positive encouragement of your teammates.  Help your teammates become better players by sharing your knowledge and assisting them in improving their skills.

  • Learn and abide by the rules of the sport at all times.

  • Respect the facilities at home and away. 



  • To participate at a level that matches your maturity and ability.

  • To play as a child, not as an adult.

  • To participate in a safe, healthy environment.

  • To be treated fairly, with dignity and respect.

  • To have an opportunity to develop your abilities.

  • To have good coaching and be taught softball fundamentals.





  • No interrupting the coach by talking or laughing or not paying attention.

  • No pushing, hitting or fighting with other players.

  • No throwing equipment or objects when disappointed due to failure.

  • No temper tantrums or excessive crying.

  • No bullying or making fun of others.

  • No taunting your opponent or others in attendance.

  • No foul, threatening or abusive language.

  • No arguing or showing any type of disagreement with umpires.

  • No running, chasing, or horseplay with other players.

  • No screaming, shouting, or yelling.

  • No abnormal and erratic behavior that hinders the game or practice such as, but not limited to:

    • Lack of hustle, enthusiasm or motivation.

    • Displaying negative expressions or comments.

    • Giving up (quitting) during a game or practice.

    • Throwing any equipment (softballs, helmets, bats, gloves and any other equipment) in an aggressive manner towards other players or coaches.

    • Demonstrating behavior in opposition to the above player responsibilities.